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Pregnancy and Pain

Pregnancy related back pain is a common ailment that affects approximately 50% of expectant women. The severity can range from mere nuisance to being a major disability. Potential causes of low back pain during pregnancy may include the loosening of the joints due to the action of certain hormones, the relatively quick increase in weight that accompanies a developing baby, and simple joint dysfunction. Pain radiating into the lower extremities may also develop during pregnancy, commonly referred to as “sciatica,” and can usually be remedied through chiropractic management if the right approach is taken. Due to the inability to take many pain medications during pregnancy, many pregnant women feel as though there are no options to deal with their symptoms.

At ChiroCare Integrations, we offer many modalities and procedures that make your treatment process convenient if you are with child. The Chiropractor will perform a series of neurological, orthopedic, and reflex testing to help narrow the cause of your pain to a specific location. Once the cause of dysfunction is determined your doctor will begin the appropriate treatment plan for your specific condition. All treatment options will be discussed with you prior to beginning care. Current medical literature strongly supports the use of chiropractic therapies for the treatment of most causes of pregnancy related pain.

At ChiroCare Integrations, we are committed to providing the highest quality conservative treatment for our patients regarding their pregnancy related symptoms.


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