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Sports Injuries

From the varsity letterman to the weekend warriors, if you have been injured while participating in sports or athletics, it is vital to receive the correct treatment to not only relieve your current symptoms but more importantly to reduce the risk of re-injury. Typically following a sports injury, either a muscle is strained, a ligament is sprained, or both. Occasionally, a complete tear of the muscle or ligament is suspected and an MRI is necessary to determine the severity of the injury. Additionally, many sports injuries do not follow any type of traumatic event but rather occur due to repetitive stress or overuse. These injuries include common disorders such as golfers and tennis elbow, ITB syndrome, some forms of tendonitis, and stress fractures. Following a series of neurological, orthopedic, and reflex testing, the specific cause of your injury is determined. Once the appropriate diagnosis has been made, your doctor will begin the appropriate treatment plan for your specific condition. Our initial therapies are focused on relieving your acute symptoms and inflammation. Following an improvement in joint motion and function, we typically begin rehabilitative procedures designed to reduce the likelihood of recurring injuries. Finally, each patient presenting with a sports injury is thoroughly instructed on a home rehabilitation plan designed to maintain the improvements gained through our in office procedures.

All treatment options will be discussed with each patient prior to beginning treatment. Additionally, our physicians regularly lecture in the community regarding topics such as sports injury prevention and nutritional guidelines for athletes, and would be happy to speak for your group or at your place of employment. Dr. Akridge is currently the team trainer for the Moss Farms Diving Tigers and has an extensive background in sports. Dr. Akridge is obtaining further education in the sports field and will be a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician in February 2015. At ChiroCare Integrations, we are committed to providing the highest quality conservative treatment options for your sports injuries.


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