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Recommending vitamins and supplements for our patient's benefit is a significant part of our practice. Below are a few of the more common questions and answers that we encounter on a daily basis.


Do you recommend any specific brand of supplements?

At ChiroCare Integrations, we are proud to carry superior quality Anabolic Laboratories vitamins and supplements. Anabolic Laboratories vitamins and supplements have been the gold standard in the supplementation industry for close to a century.


Is there really a difference in supplement companies?

There is a BIG difference in supplement companies. Although unknown to most consumers, there are no laws currently regulating the manufacturing of vitamins and supplements. This has led to a significant decrease in the quality of supplements produced by the large majority of supplement companies. There are literally thousands of supplement companies, and less than 100 have legitimate outside inspections performed to verify quality. At ChiroCare Integrations, we recommend Anabolic Laboratories vitamins and supplements because they are the ONLY supplement company whose quality is regulated and inspected by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. Anabolic Laboratories also manufacture pharmaceuticals, which contributes to their strict regulation and quality control. Anabolic Laboratories is currently the only supplement company who manufactures pharmaceuticals and adheres to such rigorous auditing procedures.


Which supplements should I take?

The supplementation industry has sparked much debate and controversy over the past few decades, which can lead to much frustration and confusion for the consumer. Regardless of what you have heard in the past, current research demonstrates the large majority of patients can benefit from supplements tailored to their individual needs. The chiropractors at ChiroCare Integrations specialize in advising their patients on which vitamins supplements they need based on their specific health issues and medications. Although many patients may benefit from some of the same supplements, each patient presents with different needs. We will make sure you are supplementing with what you need to supplement with, but more importantly that you are not supplementing with what you do not need.


Can't I just take a multi-vitamin?

With all of the promises in the supplementation industry for "quick fixes" and "miracle results" with one specific supplement or another, it is easy to get caught up in the hype. Such statements are most likely marketing ploys generating false expectations for the consumer. The chiropractors at ChiroCare Integrations have extensive backgrounds in clinical nutrition and supplementation dosage guidelines, and will ensure that you are taking the proper dosage amount of each supplement that you need.


Please click here for more information on Anabolic Laboratories and their products.

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